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Hey beautiful! It’s me, Kimberly D. Harden! (you can call me Kim, Kimmie, it’s all good to me)

Atlanta's #1 Stylist, Image Architect & Lifestyle Concierge aka your personal Style Fairy.

If we haven’t connected before, I’m sooo happy you stopped by! Just in case you didn’t know, I’m known for revamping, redefining, and enhancing the lives of everyday women, just like you!

The best way to put it is that I have a simple “wardrobe whisper” approach to style, fashion fundamentals, personal development, self-awareness, and individualized image enhancement - from the inside out.

I help women like you you bring your personality out in your wardrobe, providing you with an outer image that reflects who you are on the inside, while creating a connection with the people you serve.

I’ve worked with women of all career paths: from First Lady’s and Corporate powerhouses, to dynamic Coaches and Speakers all across the world. Let’s just say, this “around the way girl” from Atlanta can dress ‘em all!

I am committed to helping women discover their unique abilities within to help them display the true woman they envision themselves to be — all through individualized style, grace, and as I like to call it “personal pizazz”.

If you are ready to take your style and wardrobe to the next level, let’s connect!

Whether you are looking for a personal stylist, a personal shopper, or the whole shebang, I’ve got a package created with your name on it!

If what you find isn’t what you are looking for, let’s talk about what a custom package could look like for you! Hit the button below to see how we can work on your style!

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KP chats with Kim about how to define and create your own personal style and tips on how to look your best.

Every woman has an ideal image, that authentic self that is THEM. It has to do with their inner person and the way the outer is used to express it.

On this episode of Happy Black Woman, Rosetta chats with Kimberly Harden, an expert at helping women discover their ideal image and learn how to confidently express it in their clothing choices, personal style, and interactions with others.